Misfit Co
  • Disgustingly Creative.

    Studio Misfit is an international design, communication and animation studio that works exclusively with the rebels, the subversives and the non-conformists.

  • We empower the rebellious.

    At Studio Misfit, we have spent the last few years helping passionate, risk-taking individuals and organisations change the world. Whether it’s launching a multimillion-dollar fundraising appeal from the shores of Lake Malawi, or launching the multi-property website for one of the most prestigious hotels in the world from a corner office in London, we invest our creativity and skills into those who are hell-bent on making this world a more beautiful place.

  • A very short list of just some of the amazing things we do.


    • Branding
    • Experiential Design
    • Illustration & Graphics


    • Websites
    • Digital Marketing
    • Mobile Applications


    • UI/UX
    • Explainer Videos
    • App Design & Development


    • 2D/3D
    • Stop Motion
    • Animated Infographics


    • Infographics
    • Social Channels
    • Whitepapers & Case Studies
  • This is where we’re supposed to impress you with a wall of logos.

    Have we worked with some of the biggest? Sure. Did we ever give a shit about their size? Fuck no. We have helped breathe life into brands, campaigns, websites, mobile applications, animated videos and social initiatives for some of the largest as well as smallest organisations all over this fine planet. We work across a wide array of industries – travel, technology, hospitality, the arts, heritage, the third sector – but, no matter where or with whom we work, we invest every last drop of creativity we can muster into each and every project we take on.

  • If you are looking for a standard agency, please for the love of God don’t contact us.

    We work with companies, startups, non-profits, brands and agencies of all shapes and sizes that are changing the world. If the work is interesting and the creative possibilities rife, we’re interested. Send a brief description of your project or an RFP to hello@misfit-inc.com.

  • Yes, oh yes, we literally do everything.

    Studio Misfit is an independent company wholly owned and operated by Misfit, a social enterprise founded by AJ Leon, that is now comprised of several companies, projects and initiatives spread throughout the world.